‘Blunt Impact’ Killed Richardson

Late actress Natasha Richardson died from a “blunt impact to the head” following a skiing accident, New York’s medical examiner has ruled.

The 45-year-old stage and screen star fell on the slopes of Mont Tremblant in Montreal on Monday during a skiing lesson. She initially shrugged off the accident and appeared to be uninjured, but was later taken to a local hospital after complaining she felt unwell.

Richardson’s condition quickly worsened and the actress was flown to a New York medical center on Tuesday, amid reports she had been declared brain dead.

On Wednesday family members, including her actor husband Liam Neeson and actress mother Vanessa Redgrave, made the tough decision to turn off her life support machine, and Richardson died a few hours later.

The official autopsy report, released on Thursday, lists the cause of death as “epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head.”

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