Bo Webb


Camera, Film, & Tape (21)

Jessabelle 2014 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Tusk 2014 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Banshee 2013 (Tv Show)

Camera Operator

Piranha 3DD 2012 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy 2011 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Revenge 2011 (Tv Show)

Camera Operator

Dear John 2010 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Eastbound and Down 2009 (Tv Show)

Camera Operator

One Tree Hill 2007 - 2008 (Tv Show)

Camera Operator

The Secret Life of Bees 2008 (Movie)

(Camera Operator)

Death Sentence 2007 (Movie)

(Assistant Camera)

The List 2007 (Movie)

(Director of Photography)

Cry Wolf 2005 (Movie)

(Focus Puller)

Unknown Soldier: Searching for a Father 2004 - 2005 (TV Show)

Director of Photography

The Notebook 2004 (Movie)

Camera Second Assistant (Camera Assistant)

Domestic Disturbance 2001 (Movie)

assistant photographer (Photography)

The Patriot 2000 (Movie)

"B" camera 2nd assistant (Camera Assistant)

He Got Game 1998 (Movie)

assistant camera(North Carolina crew) (Assistant Camera Operator)

Kiss the Girls 1997 (Movie)

assistant camera(Durham-North Carolina crew) (Assistant Camera Operator)

The Grave 1996 (Movie)

(Camera Assistant)

Funny Valentines (TV Show)

Camera Assistant
Other (2)

Black Knight 2001 (Movie)

("A" camera) (Assistant)

The Birds II: Land's End 1993 - 1994 (TV Show)