Bob Steele

Bob Steele was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Steele's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "Lightning Speed" (1928), "Near the Rainbow's End" (1930) and "Headin' North" ... Read more »
Born: 01/23/1907 in Pendleton, Oregon, USA


Actor (91)

Nightmare Honeymoon 1971 (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

Something Big 1971 (Movie)


Rio Lobo 1970 (Movie)

Deputy Sheriff (Actor)

Doc 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


The Great Bank Robbery 1969 (Movie)

Guard (Actor)

Hang 'Em High 1968 (Movie)

Jenkins (Actor)

F Troop 1965 - 1967 (TV Show)


Shenandoah 1965 (Movie)

Union Guard with Beard (Actor)

The Bounty Killer 1965 (Movie)

Red (Actor)

Requiem For a Gunfighter 1964 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Town Tamer 1964 (Movie)


Four For Texas 1962 (Movie)


McLintock! 1962 (Movie)

Railroad Engineer (Actor)

Six Black Horses 1961 (Movie)


The Comancheros 1961 (Movie)

Pa Schofield (Actor)

Hell Bent For Leather 1960 (Movie)

Jared (Actor)

Pork Chop Hill 1959 (Movie)

Kern (Actor)

Rio Bravo 1959 (Movie)

Matt Harris (Actor)

The Atomic Submarine 1959 (Movie)

Griff (Actor)

Once Upon a Horse 1958 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

A Gun For a Coward 1957 (Movie)

Durkee (Actor)

Band of Angels 1957 (Movie)


The Parson and the Outlaw 1957 (Movie)


Pardners 1956 (Movie)

Shorty (Actor)

The Spoilers 1955 (Movie)

miner (Actor)

Drums Across the River 1953 (Movie)

Billy Costa (Actor)

Island in the Sky 1953 (Movie)

Wilson (Actor)

Forth Worth 1951 (Movie)


The Enforcer 1951 (Movie)

Herman (Actor)

The Big Sleep 1946 (Movie)

Canino (Actor)

City For Conquest 1940 (Movie)

Callahan (Actor)

Of Mice and Men 1938 (Movie)

Curley Jackson (Actor)

Headin' North 1929 (Movie)


A Demon for Trouble (Movie)


Ambush Trail (Movie)

Curley Thompson (Actor)

Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals (Movie)

Billy the Kid (Actor)

Billy the Kid's Gun Justice (Movie)


Billy the Kid's Range War (Movie)

Billy the Kid (Actor)

Border Phantom (Movie)

Larry O'Day (Actor)

Brand of Hate (Movie)

Rod Kent (Actor)

Brand of the Outlaws (Movie)


Breed of the Border (Movie)

Speed Brent (Actor)

Bugles in the Afternoon (Movie)

Horseman (Actor)

Bullet for a Badman (Movie)


Cattle Drive (Movie)

Careless (Actor)

Cavalry (Movie)


Desert Patrol (Movie)

Dave Austin (Actor)

El Diablo Rides (Movie)


Feud of the Range (Movie)

Bob Gray (Actor)

Galloping Romeo (Movie)


Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin (Movie)

Dan (Actor)

Hidden Valley (Movie)

Bob Harding (Actor)

Kid Courageous (Movie)


Killer McCoy (Movie)

Sailor Graves (Actor)

Lightnin' Crandall (Movie)

Bob Crandall (Actor)

Lightning Speed (Movie)


Near the Rainbow's End (Movie)

Jim Bledsoe (Actor)

Near the Trail's End (Movie)


Northwest Trail (Movie)


Pals of the Pecos (Movie)

Tucson Smith (Actor)

Prairie Pioneers (Movie)

Tucson Smith (Actor)

Raiders of the Range (Movie)

Tucson Smith (Actor)

Revenge of the Zombies (Movie)

Agent (Actor)

Riders of the Desert (Movie)


Riders of the Sage (Movie)


Ridin' the Lone Trail (Movie)

Bob McArthur (Actor)

Silver Canyon (Movie)

Walt Middler (Actor)

South of Santa Fe (Movie)

Tom Keene (Actor)

South of St. Louis (Movie)

Slim Hansen (Actor)

Texas Buddies (Movie)

Ted "Gat" Garner (Actor)

The Arizona Gunfighter (Movie)

Colt Ferron (Actor)

The California Trail (Movie)

Pedro (Actor)

The Carson City Kid (Movie)

Jessup (Actor)

The Feud Maker (Movie)

Texas Ryan (Actor)

The Gallant Fool (Movie)

Kit Denton (Actor)

The Gun Ranger (Movie)

Dan Larson (Actor)

The Invaders (Movie)


The Kid Ranger (Movie)


The Law Rides (Movie)


The Nevada Buckaroo (Movie)

Buck Hurley, the Nevada Kid (Actor)

The Outcast (Movie)

Duke Rankin (Actor)

The Pal from Texas (Movie)


The Rider of the Law (Movie)

Bob Marlow (Actor)

The Ridin' Fool (Movie)

Steve Kendall (Actor)

The Sunrise Trail (Movie)


The Trail Blazers (Movie)

Tucson Smith (Actor)

The Trusted Outlaw (Movie)

Dan Ward (Actor)

Trail of Terror (Movie)


Under Texas Skies (Movie)

Tucson Smith (Actor)

Young Blood (Movie)

Nick "the Kid" (Actor)
Director (1)

A Woman to Remember 1948 - 1949 (Tv Show)



Bob Steele was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Steele's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "Lightning Speed" (1928), "Near the Rainbow's End" (1930) and "Headin' North" (1930). He also appeared in "The Ridin' Fool" (1931), "Near the Trail's End" (1931) and "The Nevada Buckaroo" (1931). His passion for acting continued to his roles in projects like "Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin" (1937), "The Trusted Outlaw" (1937) and "Lightnin' Crandall" (1937). He also appeared in "The Arizona Gunfighter" (1937). Toward the end of his career, he continued to act in the Humphrey Bogart crime picture "The Enforcer" (1951), the western "Silver Canyon" (1951) with Gene Autry and the western "Forth Worth" (1951) with Randolph Scott. He also appeared in the Joel McCrea western "Cattle Drive" (1951) and "Island in the Sky" (1953). Steele was most recently credited in "Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone" (CBS, 1993-94). Steele passed away in December 1988 at the age of 82.


Robert Bradbury


Bill Bradbury




Television acting debut in "F Troop"


Debut as cowboy film actor


Film acting debut in "The Adventures of Bob and Bill" (with his twin brother Bill)