You May Or May Not Be Rightfully Weirded Out By Bobbi Kristina’s...

You May Or May Not Be Rightfully Weirded Out By Bobbi Kristina’s Marriage To Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon
Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown Lifetime's new reality series 'The Houstons: On Our Own' premiere launch party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel - Arrivals Featuring: Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown Where: New York City, United States When: 22 Oct 2012 Credit: WENN

Bobbi Kristina and Nick GordonD. Salters/

So by now we all know that Bobbi Kristina — daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown — recently married Nick Gordon. Aside from the fact that Bobbi is pretty young (she’ll be 21 in March), there’s also the weirdness of her relationship with Nick. For some time she referred to him as her “adopted brother,” although Whitney had never legally adopted him. So people kept referring to him as her “pseudo-brother,” and then they started dating. And then they got engaged. And things got weird.

After getting lots of questions from the general public (questions like, “Dude, how do you get engaged to your bother?”) Bobbi Kristina made lots of attempts to explain the weirdness away. Nick was a family friend, so there was nothing wrong with their getting engaged. And now that they’re married, there’s technically nothing wrong with them being married, right? Right. So why are we all so weirded out?

Well, it’s kind of like that Woody Allen/Soon Yi situation. Soon Yi’s not actually his daughter, nor is she actually his adopted daughter, but it’s still weird (or, for others, totally despicable) that they’re together. And although Bobbi Kris claimed that her grandmother Cissy Houston had given her blessing, we later found out that sources were saying the total opposite. And if Cissy was opposed to it, then so are we! Well, that may not apply to everything, but in this case we feel like Grandma probably knows best.

But in the grand scheme of celebrity relationships, this isn’t even the weirdest pairing yet. Hopefully, Bobbi Kris and her new hubby will be happy together. Forever. Because, that’s what marriage means, right?