Bobby Nelson

Born: 07/21/1923


Actor (12)

Honeysuckle Rose 1980 (Movie)

Bonnie (Actor)

Texas Terror 1934 (Movie)


Captured in Chinatown (Movie)

Newsboy (Actor)

Daring Danger (Movie)


Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin (Movie)


Perils of the Jungle (Movie)

Kimpo (Actor)

Rough Riding Ranger (Movie)


Tarzan the Mighty (Movie)

Bobby Trevor, Mary's younger brother (Actor)

The Gambling Terror (Movie)

Jerry (Actor)

The Throwback (Movie)


Thunderbolt (Movie)


Two Fisted Justice (Movie)

Danny (Actor)
Other (3)

Oldboy 2013 (Movie)


The Hitcher 2007 (Movie)


Fast Food Nation 2006 (Movie)