Bonnie McKee’s Music Video ‘American Girl’ Features Every Celebrity Ever

Bonnie McKee‘s  music video for “American Girl” just dropped and it features a slew of celebs. The video for the catchy, bubble-gum pop tune includes stars like Katy Perry, Jenny McCarthy, Adam Lambert, Ms. “Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepsen, Ke$ha, Kiss, Macklemore, E!’s Fashion Police crew, the hilarious Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Jewel, and a handsome Lance Bass among plenty others. 

The “American Girl” video bounces from A-lister to A-lister as each star sings and dances to a line of the Award-winning songwriter’s hit. McKee, who has teamed up with pop star Katy Perry on a bunch of her songs, even got a nice shout out from the fellow “California Gurl.” Cutie-pie Perry tweetedWanna see me in bed in my pj’s?! Watch this then” and posted a link to the video (below). And yes, Perry looks absolutely adorbable bopping along to the ditty in her jammies.  

Although Bonnie McKee, who is a successful songwriter-turned-superstar, looks super fly with her hippie-styled headband and firecracker popsicle, it’s hard to focus on the red-headed singer when every celebrity you can possibly imagine keeps captivating the screen. But then again, with lyrics like “Hot blooded, all American girl/ I was raised by a television” a cast of celebrities sounds about right.    

Having friends in high places will undoubtedly boost views on McKee’s Vevo channel. But after all the hits she supplied her video co-stars, it seems to us like they owed her one in return. Regardless, it’s super fun watching some of our fave stars rock out to this head-bopping, sugary track. 

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