Boyle to headline dance show after Osbourne’s ‘ugly’ barbs

Osbourne was far from complimentary about the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up when she took to the airwaves for raucous U.S. radio programme The Opie & Anthony Show earlier this week (beg02Nov09).

She told the hosts, “There’s this great picture of Susan Boyle, smiling, looking like a slapped a** next to Ozzy.”

And Osbourne added, “I like everybody to do well, even someone that looks like a slapped a**. It’s, like, God bless her. You go girl. She does look like a hairy a**hole… You just want to say, ‘God Bless and here’s a Gillette razor.’

“He (God) hit her with the f**king ugly stick.”

Her mocking comments wound up on website, and now Boyle will come face to face with Osbourne’s daughter on Dancing With The Stars.

The Scottish singer will perform I Dreamed A Dream, the Les Miserables song that turned her into an overnight Internet sensation, after she wowed talent show judges led by Simon Cowell with her moving rendition.