Bradford Dillman

Actor, Author, Hotel desk clerk
A contemplative lead and supporting player, Bradford Dillman made his name on Broadway in the mid-1950s originating the role of Edmund Tyrone, the authorial stand-in, in Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night" ... Read more »
Born: 04/14/1930 in San Francisco, California, USA


Actor (69)

Murder, She Wrote 1984 - 1988, 1991 - 1995 (Tv Show)


Easy Come, Easy Go 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


Heroes Stand Alone 1989 (Movie)

Walt Simmons (Actor)

Lords of the Deep 1989 (Movie)

Dobler (Actor)

Hot Pursuit 1987 (Movie)


Man Outside 1987 (Movie)

Frank Simmons (Actor)

Covenant 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


Hot Pursuit 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


El Tesoro del Amazones 1984 (Movie)

Clark (Actor)

Sudden Impact 1983 (Movie)

Captain Briggs (Actor)

Before and After 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


Guyana: Crime Of The Century 1980 (Movie)

Dr. Gary Shaw (Actor)

Love and Bullets 1979 (Movie)

Brickman (Actor)

Guyana: Cult of the Damned 1978 (Movie)

Doctor Gary Shaw (Actor)

Piranha 1978 (Movie)

Paul Grogan (Actor)

The Amsterdam Kill 1978 (Movie)

Odums (Actor)

The Swarm 1977 (Movie)

Major Baker (Actor)

The Enforcer 1976 (Movie)

Captain McKay (Actor)

The Lincoln Conspiracy 1976 (Movie)

John Wilkes Booth (Actor)

Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther 1975 - 1976 (TV Show)


Bug 1975 (Movie)

James Parmiter (Actor)

Force Five 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


Look Back in Darkness 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)


Mastermind 1975 (Movie)


Deliver Us From Evil 1973 - 1974 (TV Show)


99 and 44/100% Dead 1973 (Movie)

Big Eddie (Actor)

Chosen Survivors 1973 (Movie)

Peter Macomber (Actor)

Gold 1973 (Movie)

Manfred Steyner (Actor)

The Way We Were 1973 (Movie)

J J (Actor)

The Delphi Bureau 1971 - 1972 (TV Show)


The Iceman Cometh 1972 (Movie)

Willie Oban (Actor)

Brother John 1971 (Movie)

Lloyd Thomas (Actor)

Escape From the Planet of the Apes 1971 (Movie)

Dr Lewis Dixon (Actor)

Longstreet 1970 - 1971 (TV Show)


Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? 1970 (Movie)

Captain Myerson (Actor)

The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler 1970 (Movie)

Senator Zachary Wheeler (Actor)

Fear No Evil 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


The Bridge at Remagen 1969 (Movie)

Maj Barnes (Actor)

The Mephisto Waltz 1969 (Movie)

Bill Belancey (Actor)

Jigsaw 1968 (Movie)

Jonathan Fields (Actor)

Sergeant Ryker 1968 (Movie)

Captain David Young (Actor)

The Plainsman 1965 (Movie)

Lt Stiles (Actor)

A Rage to Live 1964 (Movie)

Sidney Tate (Actor)

Francis of Assisi 1961 (Movie)

Francis Bernardone (Actor)

Sanctuary 1961 (Movie)

Gowan (Actor)

Circle of Deception 1960 (Movie)

Paul Raine (Actor)

Crack in the Mirror 1960 (Movie)

Larnier/Claud (Actor)

Compulsion 1959 (Movie)

Artie Straus (Actor)

A Certain Smile 1958 (Movie)

Bertrand Griot (Actor)

In Love and War 1958 (Movie)

Alan Newcombe (Actor)

Adventures of the Queen (TV Show)


Black Water Gold (TV Show)


Death in Deep Water (TV Show)


Five Desperate Women (TV Show)


Jennifer: A Woman's Story (TV Show)


King's Crossing (TV Show)


Kingston: The Power Play (TV Show)


Moon of the Wolf (TV Show)


Murder or Mercy (TV Show)


Revenge (TV Show)


Street Killing (TV Show)


The Eyes of Charles Sand (TV Show)


The Heart of Justice (TV Show)


The Hostage Heart (TV Show)


The Memory of Eva Ryker (TV Show)


Tourist (TV Show)


Widow (TV Show)



A contemplative lead and supporting player, Bradford Dillman made his name on Broadway in the mid-1950s originating the role of Edmund Tyrone, the authorial stand-in, in Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night". He then gained international attention with "Compulsion" (1959), inspired by the true-life Leopold and Loeb case, sharing Best Actor honors at Cannes with co-stars Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles.

With his Yale degree and uppercrust aura, Dillman began on the New York stage after completing a tour with the US Marines in Korea. He made his professional acting debut in 1953 in "The Scarecrow" and spent several seasons with the Sharon (CT) Playhouse before his Broadway debut in the O'Neill play in 1956.

Within two years, the handsome dark-haired actor had been signed to a contract by 20th Century Fox. Dillman made his film debut in the soap opera "A Certain Smile" (1958), earning a Golden Globe Award as Most Promising Newcomer as a Parisian student who loses his girl to Rossano Brazzi. With "Compulsion", he seemed poised for a star career but somehow the right roles never seemed to materialize. He was well-cast as the title saint in Michael Curtiz's religious epic "Francis of Assisi" and as an espionage agent who breaks under torture (opposite future wife Suzy Parker) in "Circle of Deception" (both 1961). Subsequently, Dillman drifted into leads into lesser films and second leads in A-list productions, such as his roles as Robert Redford's college buddy and later Hollywood producer in "The Way We Were" (1973), John Wilkes Booth in "The Lincoln Conspiracy" (1977) and a reluctant hero in "Piranha" (1978). By the end of the 80s, he had all but abandoned features.

On the small screen, Dillman began acting in such anthology series as "Kraft Television Theatre". He garnered an Emmy nomination as the titular soldier in "The Voice of Charlie Pont" (1962) alongside Robert Redford. Four years later, he starred as a officer-lawyer in his first series, "Court-Martial" (ABC). In "King's Crossing" (ABC, 1982), Dillman was an alcoholic father and teacher trying to put his life straight and then spent a season (1982-83) on the CBS primetime soap "Falcon Crest". Over the years, the actor has made innumerable episodic guest appearances on show ranging from Westerns to medical dramas, generally playing either ne'er-do-wells or heroic figures. More recently, he made annual appearances (as different characters) on CBS' "Murder, She Wrote". He has also accrued over two dozen TV-movie credits, in thrillers like "Five Desperate Women" (ABC, 1971) and drama such as "Heart of Justice" (TNT, 1993). He received a Daytime Emmy for his appearance in the "ABC Afternoon Playbreak" production of "The Last Bride of Salem" (1975).

In 1995, Dillman launched a secondary career as an author. A long-time football fanatic and San Francisco 49ers fan, he wrote "Inside the New York Giants", a book which rated each player drafted by the team since 1967, with the Giants chosen as the prototype because of their commercial appeal. (Dillman has expressed his desire to update the book on a yearly basis.) Two years later, he published his memoirs, "Are You Anybody?: An Actor's Life".


Josephine Dillman


Dean Dillman


Dinah Dillman

born in November 1965 mother, Suzy Parker

Pamela Dillman

born in August 1959 mother, Frieda Harding

Charles Dillman

born in July 1967 mother, Suzy Parker married to actress Brooke Dillman

Christopher Dillman

born in January 1969 mother, Suzy Parker

Jeffrey Dillman

born in March 1958 mother, Frieda Harding

Frieda Harding

married on June 15, 1956 divorced on April 4, 1962

Georgia LaSalle

mother Suzy Parker father, Pierre LaSalle

Suzy Parker Actor

Married on April 20, 1963 until her death 2003

Suzy Parker

married on April 20, 1963 previously married with one daughter


Yale College, Yale University

New Haven , Connecticut 1951
classmates included novelist John Knowles

Actors Studio

New York , New York
member since 1955; has studied under Lee Strasberg and John Lehne



Published memoirs, "Are You Anybody?"


Authored "Inside the New York Giants"


Was regular on the short-lived ABC drama "King's Crossing"


Co-starred in "The Way We Were"


Made TV-movie debut, "Fear No Evil"


Debut as TV series regular, "Court-Martial" (ABC); series was filmed in England


Appeared opposite future wife Suzy Parker in "Circle of Deception"


Starred as Artie Straus in "Compulsion"


Screen acting debut, "A Certain Smile"


Professional stage debut, "The Scarecrow"


TV acting debut on an episode of "Kraft Television Theatre" (NBC)


Served in the US Marines during the Korean War

Originated role of Edmund Tyrone in Broadway production of "Long Day's Journey Into Night"; Broadway debut

Signed to a contract by 20th Century Fox

Performed in numerous plays with Sharon (CT) Playhouse

After military service, moved to NYC; roomed with novelist and former Yale classmate John Knowles (author of "A Separate Peace")

Appeared for one season on the CBS primetime soap "Falcon's Crest"

Bonus Trivia


Dillman met his second wife, model-actress Suzy Parker, when they were filming "Circle of Deception" in 1961. They married in 1963.


In a January 1995 Variety interview, Dillman unaplogetically referred to himself as "a Safeway actor ... I had ... kids and had to put food on the table."