Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde are Dating

bradley cooper and olivia wilde

A source insists to Us Weekly that the rumor of Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde dating is actually a fact. The source went as far to say “they’re definitely doing it” because since they met when Wilde read for a part in Limitless, they have bonded with each other over their public breakups (Cooper split with Renée Zellweger split in March after dating since 2009 and Wilde split from her Italian prince husband, Tao Raspoli, in February after getting married in a school bus in Virginia in 2003). Recently, Wilde and Cooper left the afterparty that celebrated Justin Timberlake‘s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live together, and they were even seen cuddling at a May 23rd party for The Hangover II, and Us Weekly’s source added that Wilde “acted jealous when other girls came up to him” there. There’s no way to know for sure if this is true, but I’d say things have probably escalated a little bit if Wilde has seen that video of Cooper promoting The Hangover II in French!

Source: Us