Bradley Cooper’s Dating History: Who’s Next?

bradley cooperWhen it comes to his personal life, Bradley Cooper is never lacking in female attention. (Being named 2011’s Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine tends to have that affect). But now that reports have emerged of his split with Zoe Saldana, the 37-year-old actor is reportedly single once again and on the prowl for a new girlfriend (volunteers anyone?).

However, in this business, Hollywood stars like Cooper don’t stay available for long and relationship rumors are sure to placate his future. But before any of that can commence, we here at have decided to try our hand at fortune-telling by predicting the next lucky lady to be Cooper’s number one gal. Fear not, though, we won’t be going into this quest blindly. Let’s have a look at his past relationship preferences to see who best fits the following criteria:

Blonde vs. Brunette

It seems blondes really do have more fun. Based on Cooper’s former flings, he has a tendency to gravitate towards women with lighter hair over those with darker, having previously dated the likes of blonde bombshells: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellweger, and Jennifer Esposito, whom he briefly married in Dec. 2006. Sure, there were a few exceptions to the rule (Jennifer Lopez, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia Wilde), but for the most part, he definitely appears to have a thing for blondes.

Media Attention

While some stars like their relationships to stay under the radar, Cooper tends to date women who are well known and highly publicized members of the entertainment realm. And while it’s completely normal for Hollywood stars to get together, Cooper tends to ride first class, cozying up to several A-list celebrities. Since 2009 alone, Cooper has been romantically linked to: Aniston, JLo, Zellweger, Saldana, and Wilde. These are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood (not to mention some of the hottest). This guy’s motto must be: go big or go home.

The Age Factor

Unlike most men who think that younger equals better, the 37-year-old star tends to date women who are a little bit older than himself. JLo, Aniston, and Zellweger were all in their 40s when he dated them and Diaz, whom he dated from 2006-2007, is two years older than him. Of course, you wouldn’t know their real age just by looking at them since these women are absolutely gorgeous, but that’s besides the point. The numbers don’t lie, and Cooper prefers to have his ladies like a fine wine — they only get better with age.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Many people advise against striking up a romantic relationship in the workplace, but in Hollywood, it’s kind of a standard protocol. And it seems Cooper isn’t opposed to an on-set romance, having worked with Aniston in He’s Just Not That Into You, Zellweger in Case 39, and Saldana/Wilde in The Words. Yes, it’s safe to say this guy would have no problems mixing business with pleasure if the opportunity presented itself again. (Where can I sign up?)

So taking into account all of the information above, we’re predicting that Cooper’s next big love affair will be with (drum roll please) — Charlize Theron. She’s gorgeous (note the blonde hair), age appropriate (she’ll be 37 this August), and a major A-list star who’s actually gearing up for a blockbuster hit this summer in Snow White and the Huntsman, in which she plays the Evil Queen. She would be the perfect match for Cooper in almost every way.


What do you think of our pick? Would someone else be a better match? Sound off in the comments below and reveal your top pick for Cooper’s next leading lady.


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