Bradley Reinke


Visual Effects & Animation (7)

Little Boy 2015 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)

Little Boy 2015 (Movie)

VFX Producer(Opus VFX) (Visual Effects)

The Last Stand 2013 (Movie)

(Opus) (Visual Effects Producer)

The Matador 2005 (Movie)

Producer(Digital Intermediate) (Effects Supervisor)

Ray 2004 (Movie)

Producer of Digital Effects (Visual Effects Producer)

She Hate Me 2004 (Movie)

Digital Services Producer (Digital Effects)

The Big Bounce 2004 (Movie)

(Visual Effects Producer)
Production Management (1)

Little Boy 2015 (Movie)

(Post-Production Supervisor)
Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

Blade: Trinity 2004 (Movie)

Digital Intermediate Supervisor (Color)
Other (1)

The Prince of Egypt 1998 (Movie)

recruiting(human resources) (Other)