Brandon Hurst

Born: 11/30/1866 in LondonUK


Actor (12)

The Princess and the Pirate 1943 (Movie)

Mr. Pelly (Actor)

If I Had My Way 1939 (Movie)


Wee Willie Winkie 1936 (Movie)

Bagby (Actor)

Mary of Scotland 1935 (Movie)


The Moon's Our Home 1935 (Movie)

Babson (Actor)

The Lost Patrol 1933 (Movie)

Corporal Bell (Actor)

The Midnight Lady 1931 (Movie)


White Zombie 1931 (Movie)


Annie Laurie 1927 (Movie)


Love 1926 (Movie)

Karenin (Actor)

Seventh Heaven 1926 (Movie)

Uncle George (Actor)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1919 (Movie)