Finally, Bret Easton Ellis reviews ‘The Canyons’

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The Canyons screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis recently said that, “Using social media as a way to help build a film is really like riding the wave into the future.” Well, he’s been riding the Canyons hate tsunami hard on his Twitter, producing his very own meta review by cherry-picking feedback in the process. Check it out, “Generation Wuss,” the sum of @breteastonellis’s tweets is the measured and faintly positive Canyons review you knew was out there…somewhere.

“THE NEW YORKER: Richard Brody loves “THE CANYONS”…while David Denby does not…”

“Extremely perceptive review by Justin Chang of THE CANYONS: Why Paul Schrader’s Reviled Thriller Merits a Closer Look…”

“Stephanie Zacharek’s positive review of THE CANYONS in The Village Voice gets it: Vital, Messy, and Alive With Regret

“Another smart take on the hysterical reaction from the press over THE CANYONS in EW by Owen Gleiberman ”

“Smart summing-up of the critical reaction: Exploring the Hellish Depths of THE CANYONS…and Liking It: Adi Tantimedh”

“Apologies if I telegraphed any spoilers. But I think THE CANYONS is about mood and a world and not plot points. The best movies are.”

And our favourite, tweeted straight from the Venice Film Festival, “Lindsay flaked.”

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