Brian Wesley Green


Visual Effects & Animation (11)

The Good Dinosaur 2015 (Movie)

Character Supervision (Character Animation)

Ratatouille 2007 (Movie)

(Character Design)

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile 2005 (Movie)

3D/2D Animator and Compositor(Neo Digital) (3-D Animator)

Finding Nemo 2003 (Movie)

(Characters) (CG Supervisor)

Reign of Fire 2002 (Movie)

Character Animator(The Secret Lab) (Animator)

Atlantis: the Lost Empire 2001 (Movie)

(Leviathan) (Animator)

Monsters, Inc. 2001 (Movie)

lead modeling artist(modeling department) (Visual Effects)

Dinosaur 2000 (Movie)

("Baylene & Url") (Animator)

Fantasia 2000 2000 (Movie)

modeler(computer generated imagery) (Chief Modelmaker)

A Bug's Life 1998 (Movie)

modeling artist(modeling team) (Visual Effects)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 (Movie)

assistant animator(computer generated crowd characters) (Animator)
Camera, Film, & Tape (1)

A Bug's Life 1998 (Movie)

lighting artist(lighting team) (Lighting)
Art Department (1)

A Bug's Life 1998 (Movie)

shading artist(shading team) (Art Department)