‘Bridesmaid’ No More! Inside Ellie Kemper’s Star-Studded Wedding

Ellie Kemper weddingEllie Kemper will have to put away the Bridesmaids dresses for now. The perennially bubbly star of The Office is officially a married gal, having tied the knot with former Conan writer Michael Koman on Saturday in New York City.

Her Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig and her Office co-star Mindy Kaling were among the celebrity guests. 

Kemper, 32, announced her engagement last December during a completely uncoincidental appearance on Conan, and she recently spoke to Us Weekly about her stint as a bride-to-be: “I was always like, ‘I’m going to be the cool bride! I’m going to be laid-back about everything!’ But… it turns out I”m not. Especially with Michael, my fiance, I’ve been like, ‘Why don’t you contribute?’ So then he contributes an idea and I’m like, ‘That is a terrible idea! Stop contributing!'”

[Photo Credit: WENN]


‘Bridesmaids’ Star Ellie Kemper Is Engaged