Briggs Palmer


Camera, Film, & Tape (8)

Stephen King's "The Langoliers" 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)

Director of Photography

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe 1991 (Movie)

2nd unit camera (Camera)

The Ballad of the Sad Cafe 1991 (Movie)

assistant camera (Assistant Camera Operator)

Glory 1989 (Movie)

assistant camera 2nd unit (Assistant Camera Operator)

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)

Assistant Camera Operator

Dreams Don't Die 1981 - 1982 (TV Show)

Camera Assistant

I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can 1982 (Movie)

Camera Loader (Loader)

Shattered Dreams (TV Show)

Camera Operator