Brigitte Bardot

Actor, Singer, Model
With a coquettish allure like no other actress of her time, Brigitte Bardot became a member of a rare club - that of foreign-language stars who attain international success on the silver screen. The original sex kitten ... Read more »
Born: 09/28/1934 in Paris, FR


Actor (37)

Brigitte Bardot 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Vie Privee 1988 (Movie)

Jill (Actor)

Saving the Wildlife 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Don Juan 1973 ou si Don Juan etait une femme 1972 (Movie)

Jeanne (Actor)

Boulevard du Rhum 1970 (Movie)

Linda (Actor)

Les Novices 1970 (Movie)

Agnes (Actor)

Les Petroleuses 1970 (Movie)

Frenchy (Actor)

Brigitte Bardot 1968 - 1969 (TV Show)


L' Ours et la poupee 1969 (Movie)

Felicia (Actor)

Toby Dammit 1969 (Movie)

Giuseppina (Actor)

Shalako 1968 (Movie)

Irina Lazaar (Actor)

Masculin-Feminin 1966 (Movie)

Actress Rehearsing Play in Cafe (Actor)

Contempt 1964 (Movie)

Camille Javal (Actor)

Dear Brigitte 1964 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Viva Maria 1964 (Movie)

Maria II (Actor)

Love On A Pillow 1962 (Movie)

Genevieve Le Theil (Actor)

Please Not Now! 1961 (Movie)

Sophie (Actor)

The Testament of Orpheus 1961 (Movie)


The Truth 1960 (Movie)

Dominique Marcaeu (Actor)

Babette Goes to War 1959 (Movie)

Babette (Actor)

Come Dance With Me! 1959 (Movie)

Virginia (Actor)

The Female 1959 (Movie)

Eva (Actor)

In Case of Emergency 1958 (Movie)

Yvette Maudet (Actor)

The Night Heaven Fell 1958 (Movie)

Ursula Desfontaines (Actor)

And God Created Woman 1956 (Movie)

Juliette (Actor)

Helen of Troy 1956 (Movie)

Andraste (Actor)

Royal Affairs in Versailles 1956 (Movie)

Mademoiselle de Rosille (Actor)

That Darned Kid 1956 (Movie)

Brigitte Latour (Actor)

The Light Across the Street 1956 (Movie)

Olivia (Actor)

Une Parisienne 1956 (Movie)

Brigitte (Actor)

Frou-Frou 1955 (Movie)


Futures Vedettes 1955 (Movie)


The Grand Maneuver 1955 (Movie)

Lucie (Actor)

Doctor at Sea 1954 (Movie)

Helene Colbert (Actor)

Act of Love 1953 (Movie)

Mimi (Actor)

Manina, la Fille Sans Voile (Movie)

Manina (Actor)
Music (3)

Soul Boys of the Western World 2015 (Movie)

("La Madrague") (Song Performer)

Youth in Revolt 2010 (Movie)

"Ça Pourrait Changer (Don't You Ever Change Your Mind)" (Song Performer)

Rush Hour 3 2007 (Movie)

("Bonnie & Clyde") (Song Performer)


With a coquettish allure like no other actress of her time, Brigitte Bardot became a member of a rare club - that of foreign-language stars who attain international success on the silver screen. The original sex kitten - a term actually coined for the French actress - Bardot's sultry appeal made her a star in Europe in the 1950s. With the international success of "Et Dieu Crea la Femme" ("And God Created Woman") (1956), Bardot became an international sex symbol. Credited with popularizing the bikini, Bardot's uninhibited sexuality was unlike any American star of her era, save perhaps Marilyn Monroe. Bardot brought more to the film world than just sex appeal, however; her popularity proved to be a key factor in establishing a market for foreign films in English-speaking countries. Bardot would go on to age gracefully in her native land and become one of the most outspoken advocates of animal rights, proving she was always much more than a beautiful face and muse of inspiration for everyone from musicians to filmmakers to fashion designers. In fact, decades later, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer owed her entire career to Bardot, as she became the face of Guess, Inc. in the early 1990s, due simply to her amazing resemblance to the actress - proving the Bardot look of wild, cascading blonde hair and pouty lips would never go out of style.


Louis Bardot


Anne-Marie Bardot

Arranged for 15-year-old Brigitte to model for cover of ELLE

Mijanou Bardot

Younger Married to actor Patrick Bauchau

Miroslav Brozek

Lived together in 1970s Bardot posed for his sculptures

Jacques Charrier Actor

Married June 18, 1959 Divorced Nov. 20, 1962

Nicolas Charrier

Born 1960; father, Jacques Charrier Brought up by in-laws; married 1984

Gunter Sachs

Self-styled international playboy Married July 16, 1966 Divorced Oct. 1, 1969 Sachs committed suicide in May 2011 after concluding that he was suffering from an incurable degenerative disease affecting his memory and ability to communicate

Terence Stamp Actor

Had relationship in 1960s

Roger Vadim Director

Married Dec. 20, 1952 Divorced Dec. 6, 1957

Bernard d'Ormale

Advisor to right-wing extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen Married on Aug. 16, 1992 in Norway; Bardot was 51 at the time Sparked rumors they split after she moved back to St. Tropez, France from Paris



Auctioned jewels and mementos from her film career to create animal protection foundation


Opened boutique in Saint-Tropez, La Madrague, with profits going to animal causes


Founded Brigitte Bardot Foundation (which folded but was relaunched in 1986)


Retired from film to devote her life to animal rights' causes


Returned to the screen with a starring role in Jean-Luc Godard's acclaimed "Le mépris" ("Contempt")


Released the pop album Inside Brigitte Bardot


Co-starred with second husband Jacques Charrier in "Babette Goes to War"


Starred in "...And God Created Woman"; film directed by husband Roger Vadim


Cast as Andraste in the Warner Bros. epic "Helen of Troy"


Made U.S. film debut in "Act of Love" opposite Kirk Douglas


Film acting debut in "Le trou normand/Crazy For Love"


Posed for ELLE magazine at age 15


Studied at Paris' Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse

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Bardot was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 1985.


Bardot was successfully sued by her son Nicholas and his father Jacques Charrier over descriptions she included in her memoirs. She referred to her son as a "tumor" and to Charrier as "vulgar macho." A French court ordered Bardot to pay $26,000 to Charrier and $17,000 to her son.


In 1993, Bardot wrote to Pope John Paul II offering to send money over to Africa to care for starving animals. She was incensed when the Pope responded that she should send money over to take care of people and that they would tend to the animals. Bardot also wrote Russian President Boris Yeltsin over what she called the massacre of seal pups in Northern Russia.


In June 2000 a French court convicted Bardot of inciting "discrimination, hatred or racial violence" after making statements regarding a Muslim festival during which sheep were slaughtered. Bardot, a strident animal rights activist, was also fined $3000 for stating "my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims" to the authors of the book Pluto's Square.