Brinke Stevens

Born: 09/20/1954


Actor (27)

Axeman 2014 (Movie)


Death Island 2014 (Movie)


Mark of the Astro-Zombies 2014 (Movie)


My Lovely Monster 2014 (Movie)

Party Guest (Actor)

Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre 2011 (Movie)

Sashi (Actor)

Bryan Loves You 2007 (Movie)

Evil Nurse (Actor)

Auditions From Beyond 1998 (Movie)


Invisible Mom 1997 (Movie)

Dr Price (Actor)

Bimbo Movie Bash 1995 (Movie)


Mommy 1995 (Movie)


Teenage Exorcist 1993 (Movie)

Diane (Actor)

Munchie 1992 (Movie)


Haunting Fear 1991 (Movie)


Roots of Evil 1991 (Movie)


Shadows in the City 1991 (Movie)

Fortune Teller (Actor)

Spirits 1991 (Movie)

Amy Goldwyn (Actor)

Bad Girls From Mars 1990 (Movie)

Myra (Actor)

Transylvania Twist 1989 (Movie)

Betty Lou (Actor)

Grandma's House 1988 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Nightmare Sisters 1988 (Movie)

Marci (Actor)

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama 1988 (Movie)

Taffy (Actor)

Warlords 1988 (Movie)

Dow's Wife (Actor)

Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity 1987 (Movie)

Shela (Actor)

Body Double 1984 (Movie)

Girl in Bathroom (Actor)

Slumber Party Massacre 1982 (Movie)

Linda (Actor)

Acting on Impulse (TV Show)


Mob Boss (TV Show)



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