Britney Spears’ ‘Smurfs 2’ Song Sounds Like All Her Other Songs

Credit: Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

It’s official: Britney Spears has a new song, and it’s totally smurftastic. The pop singer has just released “Ooh La La,” which will be on the soundtrack of the upcoming sequel Smurfs 2. Whilel we may have said a couple of things about it when it was leaked, this time the song is legally available for listeners everywhere. Check it out:

While “Ooh La La” is fairly catchy, it pretty much sounds like every other Britney Spears song we’ve heard. In fact, it takes that repetitiveness a step further. The song is more like four songs, each encompassing a different side of Britney’s music. In the verses, we have her classic dancey pop set against a bouncing beat. In the pre-chorus, Britney channels hip-hop as she tries her hand at a sort of rap-sing style. The chorus is a return to young Britney’s high-pitched, sugary sound. Finally, in the bridge, the song takes a techno/dubstep turn, showing us that the pop star can adapt to music.

The song is a bit disjointed in its attempt to appease fans of all of her musical incarnations.  Whether or not it accomplishes that goal, “Ooh La La” is an upbeat little track that we’re sure to be hearing on the radio soon enough.

Britney has announced that she is working on her eighth album, but the release date for the new record is unknown. Until that undetermined date arrives, “Ooh La La” will have to fill your Britney void. Smurfs 2 hits theaters on July 31st.

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