Britney Spears Could Be Ordered to be Psychologically Examined

britney spearsBritney Spears is keeping to herself as much as Donald Trump has been since Obama released his long form birth certificate. She’s not doing anything crazy like having more children, releasing her own audiobook device, or creating a section on her blog where she and her fans can discuss new episodes of Nurse Jackie. She’s been doing pretty well career-wise, as she’s currently planning a tour to promote her newest album Femme Fatale, and proved to be reasonably successful in performing various songs off of it on several late night programs. But it appears as though people still question how much wattage is actually powering her brain stem.

What’s happening is Britney’s old manager, Sam Lutfi, is charging her mother Lynne with something and he wants Britney to give a deposition. Britney’s parents, however, are refusing to fulfill this request because they maintain their daughter is “mentally incapable” of testifying. As a result, Lutfi filed some paperwork with the Los Angeles Superior Court that requests a judge order Britney to undergo some psychiatric evaluations to prove that she is capable of making a statement in court. And as evidence of Britney having the ability to testify, he cites an interview that was between Ryan Seacrest and Britney that took place in March. Lufti took tapes of the interview to UCLA Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Joshua Pretsky, and asked him to examine Britney’s remarks. Pretsky determined Britney’s responses to questions as exhibiting “logical thinking and mental competency.”

Though we don’t know what kind of claim Lutfi filed against Lynne Spears, it probably has something to do with how she portrayed him in her book, “Through the Storm.” Lynne wrote Lutfi was a “master manipulator who secretly drugged Britney, cut off her communications and mobility,” and secured a position for himself as her protector before his services were terminated. Lutfi maintains he never acted that way towards Britney, and he says Britney’s life was already a disaster before he even became her manager.

So essentially, what came first: the insane pop star or the insane manager?

Source: THR