Britney Spears’ Fiance Jason Trawick Locks in Conservatorship

ALTBritney Spears fiancé, Jason Trawick, is now the 30-year-old pop star’s acting co-conservator. An L.A. judge approved the deal on Wednesday, granting Trawick the power to have legal authority over the decisions that affect Spears’ well-being. Translation? Trawick can legally decide anything from what Spears eats to what the singer wears. (Trawick will share the conservatorship with Spears’ father, Jamie Spears.)

According to Jamie’s attorney, Geraldine Wyle, it was Spears herself who requested that conservatorship be given to Trawick — but her father approved. “Jamie’s thrilled,” the attorney said. “It’s all in the family.”

Spears’ father gained legal control over Spears and her assets in February 2008 following the pop singer’s very public breakdown. He will continue to retain legal control of his daughter’s funds — Trawick will not have a say when it comes to Spears’ fortune. The singer could, however, one day regain control of her own well-being and funds should she prove capability to a judge and medical specialists.