Britney Spears Is Naked In The ‘Criminal’ Music Video

The latest Britney Spears video is finally here! The pop princess released her Criminal music video late last night, which (true to its title) included a hot bed of criminal activity (not to mention one very painful kick to the groin). Shot in London, it starts off with Britney’s former love abusing her, but then she is rescued by her real-life manager/boyfriend Jason Trawick, who takes her in and basically seduces her into a life of crime. They spend half of the video getting naked in steamy bedroom/shower scenes, while the other half is dedicated to an armed robbery heist that shows the singer aggressively pointing a gun at a cashier. No wonder the British government officials weren’t too pleased with the general theme and plot of the video. But if you don’t let yourself get too caught up in the immoral messages it seems to be advocating and just allow yourself to enjoy the musical aspect, then you’ll find this is sure to be another Britney hit. It’s bad-assery at its best and Britney did an amazing job at reminding us why we still love her. Check out the video below and see what you think:

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Source: NY Mag