Britney Waits on Pins and Needles

Britney Spears is certainly trying to put her troubled past behind her. First, her hit single “Womanizer” zooms to the top of the charts — and now she’d just like to resolve her arrest for driving without a license once and for all.

After closing arguments, a jury began deliberations Friday to decide whether she should see some jail time, but after two hours, they could not reach a verdict and was dismissed for the weekend, reports.

Spears’ defense team claims the pop star didn’t believe she lived in California at the time of the accident and had a Louisiana license instead (she’s got a Californian one now, of course).

According to People, her lawyer, Michael Flanagan, told jurors that Spears “doesn’t want to be here (in California). She’s a Louisiana girl. She’s only here because of her custody case. She keeps thinking, maybe next month I can go home.”

He also pointed out that a dozen paparazzi vehicles follow the singer’s every move daily. “You got a glimpse of what it’s like for her to be here. No doubt that’s why she’s been driven crazy, why there’s a conservatorship, why she was hospitalized,” he said. “Do you blame the girl for wanting to go home (to Louisiana)?” Um, no, I don’t.

If convicted, Spears faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Come on, guys, this isn’t rocket science. Let the girl move on.

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