Broadway Stars From Aladdin & The Lion King Sang For Stranded Airport Passengers

What should you do when your flight gets delayed? Sing! At least, that’s what the Broadway stars from The Lion King and Aladdin decided to do.

When flights got delayed at New York’s Laguardia Airport got Sunday night (5/31) for several hours, passengers weren’t stuck finding ways to entertain themselves. These Broadway stars were also stuck and decided to turn the airport into their stage. One passenger whipped out their phone and made sure to record this 8-minute-long sing off between the two casts, featuring an epic freestyle by Tony-winner James Inglehart (Genie in Aladdin).

Watch the mashup of “Circle of Life” and “Arabian Nights” here:

We think the girls of Pitch Perfect would praise this Broadway acapella sing-off!

This isn’t the first time The Lion King cast made the day of all the airport passengers around them. Last April they sang “Circle of Life” for their fellow passengers while waiting on a plane. After that in August, they staged a flash mob for NY subway passengers. This cast sure knows how to make everyone’s day brighter with song!

Which would you prefer: being entertained if your flight is delayed or while you’re commuting to work on the subway? Share your answers in the comment section below!