Broderick bemoans the state of Broadway

The actor is one of America’s most successful theatre stars, with two Tony Awards to his name – one for his hugely successful Broadway run in the musical The Producers.

But he insists the recession has hit New York’s famous theatre district so hard, only well-known productions with big-name casts are surviving.

Broderick’s latest play, The Starry Messenger, is currently enjoying a run at Off-Broadway’s The New Group theatre, and was expected to switch to a bigger venue.

But the actor reveals those plans are on the brink of collapse, as the theatre industry fights a dangerous drop in ticket sales.

He tells the New York Post, “Our play got really good reviews, and we’re having trouble moving to Broadway. I don’t think we will. I guess people want a really sure bet when they spend money on a ticket. With limited funds around, I guess they’ll say, ‘I’ll see Phantom (of the Opera).'”