Brooks Benedict

Born: 02/06/1896


Actor (34)

Out of the Past 1947 (Movie)

Kibitzer (Actor)

What Price Hollywood? 1931 (Movie)

Muto (Actor)

Speedy 1927 (Movie)


Tramp, Tramp, Tramp 1925 (Movie)

Taxi Driver (Actor)

The Freshman 1924 (Movie)


Cheating Blondes (Movie)

Jim Carter (Actor)

Enemy Agent (Movie)

Head Waiter (Actor)

Follow the Fleet (Movie)

Sullivan, Nolan's Assistant (Actor)

G-Men (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Gambling Lady (Movie)

Lou (Actor)

Girl Crazy (Movie)

George Mason (Actor)

Gypsy Wildcat (Movie)

Tammany Hall Representative (Actor)

Hers to Hold (Movie)

Guest (Actor)

I Take This Oath (Movie)

Burly (Actor)

I Wake Up Screaming (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Jack London (Movie)

American Correspondent (Actor)

Kitty Foyle (Movie)


Murder in the Music Hall (Movie)

Police Photographer (Actor)

No More Ladies (Movie)

Joe Williams, Bar Owner (Actor)

Pick a Star (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

Pick-Up (Movie)

Tony (Actor)

Queen of the Mob (Movie)

Men (Actor)

Rings on Her Fingers (Movie)

Crap Dealer (Actor)

Street of Chance (Movie)

Al Mastick (Actor)

The Gorilla (Movie)

The Reporter (Actor)

The Kid Sister (Movie)

Ted Hunter (Actor)

The Las Vegas Story (Movie)

Stickman Dealer (Actor)

The Last Gangster (Movie)

Convict (Actor)

The Man Who Dared (Movie)


The Trespasser (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

The Widow from Chicago (Movie)

Mullins (Actor)

Three on a Ticket (Movie)

Jim Lacy (Actor)

Tillie and Gus (Movie)

Mr. Black (Actor)

Trade Winds (Movie)

Party Guest (Actor)