Bruce Cabot

Actor, Intelligence and operations officer
Born: 04/19/1904 in Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA


Actor (53)

Big Jake 1971 (Movie)

Sam Sharpnose (Actor)

Diamonds Are Forever 1971 (Movie)

Saxby (Actor)

Chisum 1970 (Movie)

Sheriff Brady (Actor)

Wusa 1970 (Movie)

King Wolyoe (Actor)

The Undefeated 1969 (Movie)

Jeff Newby (Actor)

The Green Berets 1968 (Movie)

Colonel Morgan (Actor)

The War Wagon 1966 (Movie)

Pierce (Actor)

Have Girls -- Will Travel 1964 - 1965 (TV Show)


In Harm's Way 1965 (Movie)


Black Spurs 1964 (Movie)

Henderson (Actor)

Cat Ballou 1964 (Movie)

Sheriff Maledon (Actor)

Town Tamer 1964 (Movie)

Riley Condor (Actor)

McLintock! 1962 (Movie)

Ben Sage (Actor)

Hatari! 1961 (Movie)

Bill "Indian" Vaughn (Actor)

The Comancheros 1961 (Movie)

Major Henry (Actor)

Goliath and the Barbarians 1958 (Movie)

Alboyna (Actor)

John Paul Jones 1958 (Movie)

Gunner Lowrie (Actor)

The Love Specialist 1958 (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 1958 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

The Quiet American 1957 (Movie)

Bill Granger (Actor)

Fancy Pants 1950 (Movie)


Sorrowful Jones 1949 (Movie)


Angel and the Badman 1947 (Movie)


Silver Queen 1941 (Movie)


Susan and God 1939 (Movie)

Michael O'Hara (Actor)

Dodge City 1938 (Movie)

Jeff Surrett (Actor)

Fury 1935 (Movie)

Kirby Dawson (Actor)

The Last of the Mohicans 1935 (Movie)


King Kong 1933 (Movie)

John Driscoll (Actor)

Ann Vickers (Movie)

Captain Resnick (Actor)

Best of the Badmen (Movie)

Cole Younger (Actor)

Captain Caution (Movie)

Slade (Actor)

Confessions of a Co-Ed (Movie)

Bit (Actor)

Disgraced (Movie)

Kirk Undwood, Jr. (Actor)

Fallen Angel (Movie)

Dave Atkins (Actor)

Finishing School (Movie)

Ralph McFarland (Actor)

Flying Devils (Movie)

Ace Murray (Actor)

Girls Under 21 (Movie)

Smiley Ryan (Actor)

Kid Monk Baroni (Movie)

Mr. Hellman (Actor)

Legion of Terror (Movie)

Frank Marshall (Actor)

Lost in Alaska (Movie)

Jake Stillman (Actor)

Lucky Devils (Movie)

Happy White (Actor)

Mickey, the Kid (Movie)

Jim Larch (Actor)

Night Alarm (Movie)


Scarlet River (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Shadows of Sing Sing (Movie)

Bob Martel (Actor)

Show Them No Mercy! (Movie)

Pitch (Actor)

Sinners in Paradise (Movie)

Robert Malone (Actor)

Smoky (Movie)

Frank (Actor)

The Bad Man of Brimstone (Movie)

"Blackjack" McCreedy (Actor)

The Flame of New Orleans (Movie)

Robert Latour (Actor)

The Roadhouse Murder (Movie)

Fred Dykes (Actor)

The Robin Hood of El Dorado (Movie)

Bill Warren (Actor)


Adirenne Ames


Francesca DeScaffa



University of the South

Sewanee , Tennessee



Film acting debut