TV Criminal Bryan Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen By Actual Criminal

TV Criminal Bryan Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen By Actual Criminal

Bryan Cranston in 'Breaking Bad'

This is exactly the sort of carelessness that Gus was talking about in season two! Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston found himself in a pickle of a situation when his car got burgled last December in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to the ABC affiliate KOAT-TV, Cranston alleged that a shoulder bag containing an iPad and a script from one of the last episodes of the series was stolen from his car — hardly small potatoes to stumble upon if you’re a crook, no doubt.

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But have no fear, because justice was semi-served (which is more than Hank can seem to accomplish) this weekend when the alleged perp was found. Court documents obtained by revealed that a Cranston employee was contacted by a confidential informant (nobody likes a snitch!), who reported overhearing a man at an area bar bragging about finding “some type of laptop or iPad” and a script from the secretive series. Things took a turn towards the victorious on Saturday when Xavier McAfee was arrested for said burglary.

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There’s only one slight, tiny, insignificant problem: the script is missing. Still. Someone go get creator Vince Gilligan some oxygen, because if we were him we’d be hyperventilating right about now. Something tells us that if spoilers from the end of the series leak, a broken window is going to be the least of Cranston’s problems.

All I’m saying is this: Heisenberg, put the valuables in the trunk.

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