Budd Schulberg

Author, Screenwriter, Publicist
This son of producer and head of Paramount Pictures B. P. Schulberg, he was born Seymour Wilson Schulberg and began his career with his father's studio, working as a publicist from the age of 17 and as a screenwriter ... Read more »
Born: 03/27/1914 in New York City, New York, USA


Writer (17)

What Makes Sammy Run? 2014 (Movie)

("What Makes Sammy Run?") (Source Material (from novel))

A Table at Ciro's 1987 - 1988 (TV Show)


Joe Louis - For All Time 1983 (Movie)


Wind Across the Everglades 1958 (Movie)

(From Story)

Wind Across the Everglades 1958 (Movie)


A Face in the Crowd 1957 (Movie)

from short story("Your Arkansas Traveler" in book "Some Faces in the Crowd") (From Story)

A Face in the Crowd 1957 (Movie)


The Harder They Fall 1956 (Movie)

(Source Material (from novel))

On the Waterfront 1954 (Movie)

Original Story as Source Material (Story By)

On the Waterfront 1954 (Movie)


Nothing Sacred 1936 (Movie)


A Question of Honor (TV Show)


City without Men (Movie)

(Short Story Author)

Government Girl (Movie)


Little Orphan Annie (Movie)


Winter Carnival (Movie)


Winter Carnival (Movie)

(Short Story Author)
Actor (6)

Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen 2013 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

The Tramp and the Dictator 2001 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Bacall on Bogart (TV Show)

Producer (1)

Joe Louis - For All Time 1983 (Movie)



This son of producer and head of Paramount Pictures B. P. Schulberg, he was born Seymour Wilson Schulberg and began his career with his father's studio, working as a publicist from the age of 17 and as a screenwriter two years later. He was dismissed from the studio in 1939 after the failure of "Winter Carnival," on which he collaborated with an ailing F. Scott Fitzgerald. In 1941, Schulberg penned the controversial roman a clef, What Makes Sammy Run?, a classic satire of Hollywood power, corruption and pretension. He joined John Ford's documentary unit during WWII and "named names" before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1951 - an experience that he obliquely examined in his Oscar-winning screenplay for Elia Kazan's gripping 1954 social drama, "On the Waterfront."

Schulberg also wrote the cynical boxing novel The Harder They Fall (1947), which provided the basis for the 1956 film of the same name which proved to be Humphrey Bogart's final film. He again collaborated with Kazan on his blistering expose of media demagoguery, "A Face in the Crowd" (1957). In 1950, he wrote a thinly veiled account of F. Scott Fitzgerald in "The Disenchanted" (1950) which he co-adapted for the stage in 1958. In 1995, a stage adaptation of "On the Waterfront" briefly played on Broadway. He was married three times: to actresses Virginia Ray (1936-42), Virginia Anderson (1943-64) and Geraldine Brooks (1964-77). After outliving virtually everyone from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the notorious tough guy passed away of natural causes on Aug. 5, 2009 at age 95.


Agnes Anderson


Geraldine Brooks Actor

Married 1964 until her death June 1977

Betsy Langman

Married 1978 until his death Aug. 5, 2009

Virginia Ray


Benjamin Schulberg


Adeline Schulberg


Jessica Schulberg

Born c. 1982 mother, Betsy Ann Langham

Victoria Schulberg

Born c. 1940 mother, Virginia Ray

Benn Schulberg

Born c. 1979 mother, Betsy Ann Langham

David Schulberg

Born c. 1946 mother, Virginia Anderson

Steven Schulberg

Born c. 1944 mother, Virginia Anderson

Stuart Schulberg

Born c. 1922

Sonya Schulberg

Born c. 1918


Dartmouth College

Hanover , New Hampshire 1936



Published final novel, Ringside: A Treasury of Boxing Reportage


Wrote a collection of his essays, Sparring With Hemingway: And Other Legends of the Fight Game


Published the non-fiction book, Loser and Still Champion: Muhammad Ali


Adapted "The Disenchanted" into a Broadway play, starring Jason Robards, Jr.


Wrote and co-produced (with his younger brother, Stuart) the film, "Wind Across the Everglades"


Wrote the screenplay for Elia Kazan's "A Face in the Crowd"


Adapted "The Harder They Fall" into a feature film, starring Humphrey Bogart in his final role


First solo screen credit "On the Waterfront"


Testified as a friendly witness and "named names" before the House Un-American Activities Committee


Published the novel, The Disenchanted


Wrote the prize-fighting novel, The Harder They Fall


Published the best-selling novel, What Makes Sammy Run?


First screenplay, "Little Orphan Annie"


First screen work, additional dialogue for "A Star Is Born"

Became the first boxing editor at Sports Illustrated magazine

Publicist with Paramount at age 17; screenwriter at age 19

Bonus Trivia


In 1951, screenwriter Richard Collins, testifying to the House Un-American Activities Committee, named Schulberg as a former member of the Communist Party.


"It's not a pleasant thing," Schulberg said of naming names in a 2000 interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "My own feeling was that while I didn't like the committee being so right-wing, I didn't think it was healthy having a secret organization trying to control the Writers Guild. I felt it was wrong and undermining democracy."