Burke’s dad blew up at Law

Model Samantha Burke is seven months pregnant with a baby girl after dating the British actor while he was shooting movie Sherlock Holmes in New York earlier this year (09).

She broke her silence this week (begs27Jul09) to defend Law after reports alleged he was not committed to supporting the child.

But now her grandmother Delores has blasted the Alfie actor – and revealed Burke’s father Denis real Law “the riot act” when he heard about the pregnancy.

Delores tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday, “My son Denis is hopping mad. He feels that Jude Law took advantage of his little girl. He rang him up but could never get through on the number Jude gave Samantha. He kept leaving messages. In the end, some lawyer called up and then Denis did get to talk to Jude and read him the riot act.

“I think that’s what made him step up to the plate and promise to look after this baby. Denis is as mad as hell and wants him to be a man about this.

Burke’s grandmother also claims Law dumped the aspiring actress, adding, “She said that afterwards he ran back to England and basically dumped her. He doesn’t sound much of a man.”.