Buzzwatch — How Much Does It Take to Overdose?

Just as we suspected, most things in life CAN kill you. It’s hard to imagine the scale of quantities; sometimes you just have to visualize it. Just like the horror we’d feel when faced with the amount of slices of pizza we consume in a year, all laid out on one giant table.

"How Much Does It Take To Overdose?"BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

This informative and fascinating video from Buzzfeed illustrates just how much it would take a person in one sitting to overdose on everyday items (with the exception of heroin and polar bear liver) all to some soothing trip-hop music.

It’s like infographics meets the local news — tune in this week to see JUST how much meat can kill you! Sometimes it takes a vast quantity (37 tubes of toothpaste) to only just a little (0.2 grams of heroin). Next time someone tells you to eat your greens, remind them the dangers of excessive spinach. Also Jeremy Piven got nowhere near the minimal amount of sushi to get mercury poisoning.