BuzzWatch Video: Animal Facts You Can’t Un-Know

Animal lovers, beware! BuzzFeed’s latest video introduces us to some animal knowledge that you can’t ever quite erase from your memory. But if you’re yearning to improve your grasp on wildlife trivia, this video is just for you.

Did you know certain chimpanzees are known to wife swap and indulge in group sex? But can you blame them? Because, well, who doesn’t love a good chimpanzee orgy, eh? The video also teaches us that while some lions mate over 50 times a day – it’s good to be the king – when some penguins can’t find a mate, they wander off alone and die (and we thought we were under pressure to get hitched).

So, if you want to find some interesting, disturbing, and often gross animal facts, tune into the video above. However, you’ve been warned: you can’t un-know these absurd truths, friends.

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