BuzzWatch Video: Time Is an Illusion and Reality Is in Your Mind, So That’s Great

For most of us, the day consists of little more than a bowl of cereal, a half-hearted go at our soul-crushing 9-to-5s, and an all-too-invested viewing of the latest Bachelorette. Simple livin’, just the way we like it. But if we were to step out of our carefully plotted mental routines for just a sec, we might come to question a few things. What if we did something differently tomorrow? In fact, what if there’s another universe in which we do something different everyday? Or multiple universes, one for each possible thing we might think to do? And in our universe, what if everything that is going to happen already has — if all future events and consequences of our present actions actually exist alongside what we perceive to be happening now, just in a realm (a dimension!) that we cannot comprehend? What if?!

Credit: Buzzfeed

That’s what Buzzfeed’s above video (and a few physical theories you might have heard of) asks, rattling us to our very core over the notion that the cereal we are about to eat, the job we are about to do, the reality show contestant we are about to watch get booted out of the house has already been eaten/been done/left in a tearful huff. Check out the video and question the very nature of your existence and the world around you. Or just go back to doing things the way you have been. Hey, leave this stuff to the scientists, we’re happy with our Bachelorette, thank you very much.

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