BuzzWatch Video: 16 Secrets to Being Happy

When you’re a kid, happiness beams out from every crevice of your diminutive amygdala. But with age, we tend to get caught up in the mundane twists and turns that life throws at us and we neglect to realize all the happiness in the world. Well, a new BuzzFeed video provides us with “16 Suprising Facts About Happiness” and in return, sixteen reasons to spread a toothy-smile on our faces. 

Credit: BuzzFeed

The video shares some shocking stats about happy people and also clues you in on ways to be super duper cheery. Who knew that simply writing a thank you note could boost your happiness? Although it’s pretty obvious that having more sex will make you more of a gleeful guy or gal, it’s a total shocker that the simple idea of thinking you’re getting it on more than your friends will in fact make you 14% more happier. The video claims that 84% of Americans cheer they are happy people, but after tuning into this video, I’m sure that percentage will rise on up… because after all, happiness is contagious!

So come on, get happy!

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