BuzzWatch Video: 22 More Random Facts!

Knowledge, as one Francis Bacon once uttered against the laryngeal limits of his folding fan shirt collar, is power. Even when that knowledge applies to things you’ll never really need to know, like how many ATMs there are in Antarctica, or what the “Q” in “Q-Tip” stands for. As such, you should consider this latest BuzzFeed video a true benefactor of might, as it brings us 22 random facts that very well could never, ever come into play in our everyday lives, but that we’ll all be better off for knowing. Somehow.

Ranging from zoology (not interesting zoology, but in fact the maximum duration of time for which a snail can sleep) to history (not significant history, but in fact the calculation of the most boring day in the 20th century), the video fills our brains with 22 bits of pointless knowledge, shoving all those troublesome life skills and anniversary dates way, way out of the grasps of consciousness. So check out the video, and feel the power surge through you.

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