BuzzWatch Video: The 7 Most Badass Dinosaurs

Our contemporary animal kingdom has its share of intimidating species: The lion. The ostrich. The mighty pangolin. But not since the crash of that meteor (or some mysterious pre-historic government ploy) has Planet Earth seen its pinnacle of wildlife badassery: The dinosaurs. Yes, these giant monsters reigned supreme with some serious reptilian bravado, with a few breeds standing out in particular.

Credit: BuzzFeed

The latest video from BuzzFeed breaks down the crème de la crème of periods Precambrian to Cretaceous, offering a list of the seven most badass dinosaurs known to man. While some of the entries won’t surprise you, there are quite a few dark horses in the running, finally getting a chance to showcase their rock hard skulls, lethal tails, and oddly placed brains.

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