BuzzWatch Video: Mismatched Animal Friends — The Greatest Phenomenon in All of Nature

There exist a few phenomena, in this dark and decadent world, that have the power to instill instant happiness within all who behold: pizza bagels, The Princess Bride, and when different types of animals become best friends. Reigning supreme over the lot, this latter entry is exemplary of the power of love over the boundaries of the rigid caste system of nature’s kingdom of fauna.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Yes, there is nothing cuter than a cat and a mouse hugging, a puppy and a chimpanzee kissing, or a lion and a rabbit frolicking. Thankfully, Buzzfeed has compiled a collection of these whimsical encounters in its latest video, inspiring us to call our old college roommates and childhood pals just to catch up. Enjoy the show, and do something constructive with this newfound faith in the world.

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