BuzzWatch Video: A Few Things You May Not Know About Life, the Universe, and Everything

Credit: Buzzfeed/Youtube

Planet Earth. Though we might call the big blue marble home, there are so many things about it that we do not know. So many questions yet to ask, so many mysteries left to unravel. Thankfully, that’s why we have the Internet — the purveyor of all answers thought previously unattainable. The latest of this vast knowledge machine’s exports is a new video from BuzzFeed that tells us some interesting bits of information about our world, the universe, and the very nature of existence. Yes, you might need to tack on a cat GIF at the end just to come back down to mental normalcy.

Watch the new video, which offers some insights into the speed of light, the thickness of the Earth’s crust, and just how much bees can see that we can’t. Yes, bees. We knew they were up tosomething…

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