BuzzWatch Video: The Glories of Having a Beard

Heading to a job interview? A wedding? A funeral? What is the first thing this backwards society dictates that you do? Shave. For some reason, it has long been considered more professional, more sophisticated, more bourgeois to rid oneself of all remnants of facial hair. To this we cry balderdash — there is nothing better than sporting a long, thick, scraggly, life-affirming beard.

Credit: Buzzfeed/Youtube

The latest video from BuzzFeed enlightens us to the charms and perks of beardsmanship. It’s not simply an aesthetic issue, there are actual health benefits to carrying a beard. So we beckon you, follicular friends, chinstrap, chums, and goatee devotees. Watch the new video and take pride in the monstrosity imperializing your head!

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