BuzzWatch Video: Facts That Will Completely Horrify You

For some reason, we’re all fascinated by disgusting things. When someone says, “Ew, this tastes so gross. Try it,” we do exactly that. We know it’s disgusting, but we try it anyway. Take this BuzzFeed video, for instance. It’s gross. Watch it. (You’re watching it now, aren’t you?)

This video will show you all kinds of horrifying facts that you really didn’t want to know. How highly pressurized is the Herpes virus? How many different species of bacteria live in your belly button? Ladies, do you ever wish you could grow a mustache? Well guess what, you did when you were a fetus. Like I said, you probably didn’t want to know any of these things, but now you’re curious. So go ahead, watch the video. Then tell all your friends how gross it is. I guarantee they’ll watch it too.

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