BuzzWatch Video: How to Be the Creepy Office Guy

No matter where you work, there’s always that one guy in the office who’s incredibly creepy. You all know who I’m talking about. He’s the guy who keeps to himself and probably only talks about government conspiracies. He’s the guy that everyone is nice to because we all want to be spared when he finally goes off the deep end. But just in case you don’t know who the creepy guy is (or in case you are the creepy guy and don’t know it), BuzzFeed’s latest video let’s everyone know exactly who that guy is.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Bare feet? Comfortable, but not in the office. Hogging the bathroom? Not cool, ever. And baby wipes? Do I even need to go there? So pay attention. This video shows you how to be the creepy guy in the office. All you need to do to be popular with everyone is simply avoid doing any of these things. Unless of course you want to be the creepy office guy. In that case, enjoy your how-to guide.

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