BuzzWatch Video: How to Cure a Hangover

For generations, our population has suffered from a brutal epidemic: the agonizing syndrome known as veisalgia… better known as the hangover. Many a modern scientist has sought a cure for the dreadful condition, experimenting with herbal remedies and chemical concoctions to reduce that ungodly head-throbbing to follow a night of a thousand “Okay, just one more drink…”s. While we may not have found the perfect prescription just yet, BuzzFeed has given us a few options to try the next time we wake up ruing the previous evening.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Fruits, vegetables, bread, vitamins, cold floors, comfy beds, and classic comedy flicks… these are just a few of the things you should try to subdue to the pangs of happy hour. Check out the video for a few more suggestions. And now that you have these to bank on, there’s nothing to stop you from having “just one more drink,” right?

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