BuzzWatch Video: How to Interpret Your Dreams

You’re falling from an impossibly high mountain. Standing smack dab in the middle of a meadow that extends eternally, with your only company being a talking chicken. In your high school locker room, unable to find your gym clothes, when the President of the United States walks in and laughs at you. What does it all mean?

Yes, we’ve all had bizarre dreams like these, and have all wondered exactly what they might signify. What are our unconscious minds trying to tell us with these peculiar machinations? While we might have no idea, the folks over at Buzzfeed seem to have read up on the subject matter, releasing a new video to help us interpret our strangest dreams.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Connecting free-fall dreams to a lack of balance, those pesky loose teeth dreams with anxiety, and Tetris dreams with… playing too much Tetris (hey, I’ve actually had one of those), the video proves informative for every dream aficionado. So take a gander, and then catch a quick nap to see what your pesky brain has in store this time.

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