BuzzWatch Video: Pizza Roulette and Other Disgusting Food Games

Spending time with friends is always fun, but sometimes you can be at a loss for what to do. Maybe you’ve already seen all the current movies. Maybe it’s raining out. Maybe you’ve already been hanging out for a while and are trying to think of something new to do. Well, that’s where Pizza Roulette comes in.

In the below video made by BuzzFeed, we find what happens when friends stop being polite and start getting real. Real gross, that is. 

Pizza Roulette, the Sprinkle-Dilla, Worcester Pudding, and the Mayo Oreo are all fun (and by fun I mean disgusting) games you can play with your friends when boredom is threatening to get the better of you. All you need is a lazy susan and a bunch of foods that should never, ever go together. Watch the video to see which specific ingredients you’ll need, as well as the reactions to having those ingredients in your mouth at the same time. Then go out and buy some board games for the next time you’re bored so you never have to do this again. Or just watch TV. TV is always good. 

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