BuzzWatch Video: How to Tell You’re Turning 30

So you’re on your way out of this whimsical, absurdist state of being known as your 20s. No longer are you adhered to the youthful practices of shotgunning beer cans and staying out past 11 — this is when the really good years begin. The years of fiber assessments and joint pains. And just in case you aren’t quite prepared to enter this realm, Buzzfeed’s latest video is setting you on the right course.

Credit: BuzzFeed

With a few inevitable questions that every thirtysomething (or thirtysomething-in-training) is bound to entertain, the video doesn’t cast a dark shadow on the dreadful phenomenon of aging, but instead shines a bright light on the future: instead of wasting our time smoking cigarettes on porches, we’re destined to bask in the glories of Netflix, and possibly even meet “the one.” Check out the video, and revel in the passage of years! Or invent a time machine, either one is fine.

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