BuzzWatch Video: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Love… from Reddit!

When you start seeking romantic advice from the same place that you go to discuss the benefits of keeping sand in your pockets or to have decidedly unspeakable conversations about My Little Pony, then you might need to start working on getting your life in order. But in all fairness, Reddit does have some pretty interesting facts about the all-too-mysterious entity we know as love.

Credit: Buzzfeed/Youtube

The latest video from Buzzfeed showcases some of Reddit’s tidbits on the subject, offering both uplifting (falling in love is, chemically, better than drugs) and bleak (do you have any idea how many people are on board with adultery?) pieces of information about the evasive conquest. Check out the video above, and hold out hope. No matter how crazy you might think you are, there’s someone out there for each of us. Reddit is proof of that.

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