BuzzWatch Video: How to Throw Your Own Comic-Con

Sure, we’d all love to throw caution to the wind and zoom off to San Diego for the 2013 Comic-Con experience, but sometimes life makes other plans. You know, like having jobs and families and hamsters to deal with. So, you’re stuck in your dull, colorless hometown this week while the lucky ticket-holders drape themselves in Martian Manhunter attire and snap photos with Will Wheaton. But fear not, there’s hope — with a little help from the latest BuzzFeed video, you can throw your very own Comic-Con!

It’s not too hard, either. Just muster up your collectibles, your self-made superhero costume, your fellow local nerds, and even a celebrity impersonator (there’s bound to be one or two roaming the streets, looking for a quick buck), and you’ve got yourself something even better than SDCC. Well, maybe not better, but… closer.

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