BuzzWatch Video: Are You Too Old for Fun Things?

Do you like crowded bars? Loud music? Energized concerts? Fun of any kind? Well, then you’re probably like, what, 16? Yeah, we thought so. See, as you push on in years, things that once seemed dazzling now elicit no more than an exasperated groan. And just in case you’re in denial about whether or not you are passing into the “too old for this s**t” period of your life, BuzzFeed’s latest video helps to paint a clear picture: you are.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Packed dance clubs — no thank you. Getting home past 2 AM — what are you, a degenerate? Get it together, you have a job. And sure, there are plenty of things you can do for “fun” in this new stage of life: brunches, book clubs, dog parks, Netflix. Enjoy!

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