BuzzWatch Video: Test Your Knowledge with True or False Trivia

You think you’re sooo smart, dontcha? Just because you happen to know the scientific name for a group of flamingos, or how many ATMs there are in Antarctica, or the fact that we all grow (and eat!) mustaches in the womb. Well, hot shot, BuzzFeed has yet another new video to test your knowledge of the mundane and trivial. But this time, you’ll have to fess up to your own ignorance, as it takes place in the form of a true or false quiz.

Yep, the above video offers a few interesting claims, demanding your assessment of their validity before informing you whether or not each is true or false. Do you happen to know what happens to a person when struck by lightning? The origins of gmail? The cruel parenting tactics of mother birds? Check out the video and learn a few things… and then watch it again with friends and pretend you knew the answers all along.

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