BuzzWatch — 10 Bizarre Facts That Will Keep You Up At Night

There are some facts of life that are better left unknown, like that a giant meteor can obliterate all of humanity in seconds, or that George Bush ruled America for eight years. For the anxiety ridden among us, ignorance can most certainly be bliss.

Facts that will keep you up at night

The latest video from BuzzFeed reveals several of those troublesome little facts about human existence. For instance, did you know that at this very moment, 35 to 50 serial killers are currently walking on U.S. soil? And tell me again why we’re paying the salaries of FBI agents? 


Truth is, this big, beautiful planet of ours is filled with all types of mysteries. Now if only Robert Stack was still alive to solve them for us, the world would be a far safer place. Besides, that dude really knew how to fill a trench coat.